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Velocity Direct

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The Velocity Direct is the absolute fastest service available.  Downtown bike deliveries can be completed in 15 minutes. Just the sound of the word “Direct” makes us react.  Fingers pound the keyboard, dispatch shouts it out, and the pedals get smashed.  Direct is for when every second counts.



bike, car, or van


The Electron is our rush service with atom splitting speed. This level of service at Velocity completes deliveries downtown within 30 minutes of time called.  It is our second fastest service, but still faster than most company’s top service and yet more affordable.



bike or car


The Proton is our second priority service that still cuts through traffic. This service completes deliveries downtown within 60 minutes of time called.  Moves slower than the Electron but costs less.



bike only


The Neutron is not guided by priority.  It just needs to get there by the end the day.  Call before Noon, we’ll deliver by 5pm.  It must be a small envelope and downtown only. It is sometimes known as the slow bike to China


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Are you looking for the company that you can email a pdf document and have it physically delivered somewhere in Chicago in under an hour?  Well, we do that.

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Downtown Loop is bordered by Division (1200N), Harrison (600S), Lake Michigan and, Halsted (800W).  Regulartime is 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  Overtime is one and a half times the normal rate from 5pm to 6pm for Downtown deliveries.   Suburban Overtime starts at 4:30pm.  Doubletime is twice the normal price from 6pm to 8am. A $40 minimum charge applies for deliveries between 8:30pm and 7:30am. Waiting time is assessed at $30 per hour and starts on the tenth minute and includes the ten previous minutes.  Packages under 10 pounds are not charged extra.  Over 10 pounds, weight is charged at $1 per 10 lbs. and starts with the first ten pounds.  Wrong or extra floors are $1 extra.  Wrong addresses or extra stops are an additional $3 minimum.  A Dry Run charge applies after 5 minutes if canceled or not ready.   If the delivery requires a Van a $20 charge is applied, needs a Car is an extra $6, and won’t fit in the messengers bag is called a “one-hander” and adds an extra $2.  Our favorite word “bikeable” is no extra charge.  Buildings with extra security measures may incur waiting time charges. Not responsible for verbal instructions, please write instructions on package.  Sorry, we do not guarantee the condition of flowers.  Not responsible for loss or damage due to acts of God, alderman, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, or other hazards incident to a state of war or rebellion against constituted authority.  © 2015   Velocity Courier inc. rates and terms are subject to change without notice.  All rights reserved.  Have a nice day.

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(312) 944-0754