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ve·loc·i·ty (v-ls-t) n. Rapidity or speed of motion; specifically, the distance traveled per unit of time.


    At Velocity courier, our favorite thing is to walk into an office and hear “Wow!  That was FAST!”  When we hear that, it means that all our calculations, large and small have paid off.  At Velocity, we have messengering down to a science.  Distance divided by time equals Velocity. Every delivery is an equation and we always have an answer for you.


    Carl and Kyle started Velocity Courier in 1989 as the two fastest couriers in Chicago and for more than 25 years we have always attracted the top talent.  Racers make fast messengers, but a good attitude makes a great messenger.  We have learned first hand that fast gets you there quickly, but politeness gets you through the door faster.


We know  all of our messengers because we work with them every day. Velocity is a small business, but it is more like a family that works together as a professional team.  Depending on each other to do a great job, everyday, so that our customers are happy. Everyone here at Velocity is dedicated to giving our clients incredibly fast service for the most reasonable rates.  It’s a good karma kind of thing. You can rely on and trust Velocity for quick accurate and safe delivery.

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(312) 944-0754